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Adventuring with God Is Better than Space Mountain

DDCommunity: Adventuring with God Is Better Than Space Mountain

The Adventures of Desperately Dependent Community

Desperately Dependent Community has always been an adventure with God. Patricia, a Very Valuable Volunteer of Desperately Dependent Community, aptly described what we have been feeling since the inception of DDCommunity.

Adventures like this remind me of the Space Mountain ride at Disney World, but they are WAAAAY better than the Space Mountain ride (which was a hoot!).

You bring people with you that you love, but you’ll also meet lots of new people along the way. You’re standing in line, feeling “stuck” and waiting for what seems like forever to get to the “fun part” and the purpose of why you came.

Then when it’s finally time to start the ride, you get in the car, buckle up, scared but excited all at the same time, expecting great things – even though almost all of what’s getting ready to happen is unknown to you and out of your control.

We’re Committed!

When you feel things starting to move a little, you realize you’re committed…this is it… no turning back now… so you take a deep breath, your heart’s racing, and… you let go!!!

Then you realize that you are ultimately trusting that the One who designed, programmed, and built everything is the Expert and Artist, that there will be no mistakes, and it will be a lifetime memory for you and those you’ve brought with you.

About that same time, the car starts quickly moving faster and faster… then all at once you’re free and flying….and if you stay a child at heart, you’ll have the ride of your life!!

A Breath-Taking Adventure with God

Then when the ride is over, and you’re out of breath from all the challenge and excitement, you are so glad you trusted and took the ride! Then as soon as you step out of the car (with your knees still shaking and legs wobbly!), you want to get right back in line and do it all over again!

Isn’t that just like our God?? He takes our breath away with the adventure, joy, and wonderment of Who He is and what He’s doing – all the while giving us Grace and building our faith in Him. Then asking us to tell others all about it so they’ll take the ride too and find out for themselves that nothing is more wonderful than Him and going His Way!!

He’s wonderful!!!

_____ Patricia

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