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Christ Is Relevant to Hurt

DDCommunity: Christ is relevant to hurt

We’ve all experienced hurt.

When the hurt enters your life, as it certainly will, can you find Christ relevant to your hurt?

“You hurt my feelings.” When we utter these words, what are we really saying?

  • “Shame on you. It is your job to make me feel good, and you failed in your job.”
  • “How you make me feel can change my day.”
  • “I am unstable and need you to not rock my world.”
  • “Christ is not sufficient for me. You can affect my mood more than He can.”

Why do we get hurt feelings?

Ouch!! You want to quit reading, don’t you? All our defense mechanisms rise to counter with, “So you think I shouldn’t have any feelings?” “If Christ is really relevant in my life I’m not supposed to feel anything? I’m just going to be happy all the time?” Actually, you should find Christ relevant to your feelings.

The truth of the matter is that our hurt feelings are symptoms of the fact that we getting our validation from someone other than God – someone or something is making us feel love, significant, and secure. God designed us to find our love, significance, and security in Him. He is the One who never changes and therefore can offer us stability as He validates our identity.

Christ is relevant to our hurt…

Inevitably when our chosen God substitute fails to give us the validation we desire, we experience marginalization – the sense that we are not valued. The outcome is a diminished sense of love, significance, and security. With wounded souls, our feelings are hurt. This warning signal should cause us to notice that God is not in His proper place in our lives.

When we choose to place Christ in His rightful position in our lives, peace and joy begin to pervade as the resident norm. Life now is a continuous process of experiencing Jesus relevantly to our lives—exploring how He is relevant to every new challenge of our souls.

Why then would we seek another?

When the hurt enters your life, as it certainly will, can you find Christ relevant to your hurt?

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