Christ Is Relevant to MS

In chapter 1 of Desperate Dependency we introduced you to Shirley. Yes, she is a very real person. Her testimony started with “I used to live my life waiting to find a way to beat the system. (God was the system.)” These are a few other excerpts from her testimony: “I guess we all spend some time on the edge. I’ve sort of lived my life there…. But God brought me to the end of myself… what a liberating moment it was as God accepted me right where I was, asking nothing but that I put my complete trust in Him. Somewhere along the line I started to long for Jesus more than I was afraid of losing control…”

Update on Shirley

This week we received an update on Shirley and her continued desperate dependency on Christ.

Melanie, the health issues that I talked to Kirk about a few months ago and also the sudden depression and exhaustion, trouble walking, numbness and vision changes, finally has a diagnosis. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I’d appreciate your prayers. I knew something was wrong inside my body but I still looked the same on the outside so I discounted each issue until some just got very overwhelming and serious.

I still have not had an MRI, I will the end of July when I see my Neurologist, but my doctor, Rheumatologist, and eye specialist all agree. I’m grateful though to just have a name put with what has been going on for a while now. As much as I do not want to have MS, I am glad to have a diagnosis so we can know what I am dealing with and how to move forward. Not knowing is much worse than having facts, even hard ones.

Lord is not surprised

I have times that I feel fearful but I am very aware that my Lord is not surprised by this diagnosis and it has not come to me before being sifted through his sovereign hands. I trust him. I have gone to the very depth of my fears and explored those possibilities… and found Christ relevant to even this situation.

When I was reading in I Corinthians and got to the part where Paul had been sharing Christ and the Jewish people wanted to flog him when he said he was now going to share it with the Gentiles. Thankfully someone got him out of that crowd and to momentary safety. While he was standing there terrified, Christ came… and the Word says He stood very close to Paul and told him to “Be Courageous” and that they were now going to Rome to do this again.

When I read that, I knew that God could have gotten that message to Paul in a myriad of ways but what He did was come to him personally and stood very close to his friend. I thought about how Paul must have felt the warmth from Jesus’ body and felt a sense of safety and protection that no one else could have provided except for Jesus. He is a very personal, loving Savior and I am feeling Him stand very close to me through this. My doctor said the depression I have struggled with has been from the MS and thankfully it is much better.

I would appreciate your prayers. I am experiencing God’s peace for the most part, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. I have known for months something was wrong, just did not have a name to put with it. Just wanted to let y’all know.

Insight Journal

Will you allow the Master to complete His self-portrait through your life by whatever means He sees as necessary?

(excerpts from Desperate Dependency by J. Kirk & Melanie D. Lewis)

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