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Church Ministry Not What I Expected

Kiya's testimonial

Church ministry was completely different than what I expected!

When we met Kiya, she was disillusioned by the church. Church ministry was not what she expected. She came to DDCommunity when she was desperate but desperately dependent on the wrong things. This is how she tells her story.

Planned Escape

I grew up in a Christian home, but even that couldn’t keep me safe from years of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse from an older family member. So, when I turned 18, I was done dealing with my hurt and scars on my own.

Hoping to find healing, I dove into missions thinking surely that would ease my pain. I surrounded myself with good Christian people and humanitarian work for three years. Along with moving to Thailand to work with women in human trafficking, I also served faithfully at my local church after returning from Asia.

Ready for Action

I felt like I could heal myself by being busy doing God’s work. So, when the church asked me to come on staff as the Kids Ministry Director, I felt more than ready.

As I stepped into this new job, I quickly found out that church ministry was completely different than I was expecting.

I had been so busy helping others that I never dealt with my past shame. My young self had gone through things that were affecting this new chapter of my ministry. I see this now, but at the time, it took a wise friend and a patient counselor to allow me to see that I needed to come to a place of healing and transparency if I wanted to stay safe from burnout and truly glorify God.

Fortification Necessary

I took a step and met with a member of the DDCommunity team. She let me know that Jesus could redeem my past, and it was beautiful in its way. She reminded me with Scripture that God was going to make Himself known through my work.

Melanie shared seasons of happiness and excitement for the future, tears of the past, and surrender of the unknown. I have the privilege of meeting with a counselor who knows God’s Word and has walked the path of ministry for years. Not only does she come from a place of professionalism and experience, but also with a passion for equipping Christian leaders to trust God as He is at work in them.

I firmly believe that every ministry leader needs a person in their corner who will be a safe place and constantly point them back to the throne of Jesus. DDCommunity has been such a place for me. 

I thank God for Kirk and Melanie and the DDCommunity ministry.


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