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How are you doing?

As you have been considering Psalm 119 and evaluating each personalization statement, what are you noticing about your status as an individual who is desperately dependent on God? Count all your marks. Remember each section has 8 verses, so if you have completed all five sections so far you have a possibility of 40 marks. “I marked _____ of 40 verses.” (By the time you complete each section there will be 176 verses!) Prayerfully consider which category authentically describes you currently and consistently. Of course, these are not hard and concrete determinations, because we are humans who are prone to error and deception that may cause us to evaluate ourselves either better or worse than God sees us. But the following continuum can offer a basic understanding of the status of your relationship with God and the direction you are heading. Independent of God I am resistant to God working […]

Final Review

We have just received notifcation that our manuscript is ready for final review! This is our last chance to make revisions without additional cost before it goes to typesetting! Please pray for insight this week as we work to meet the 7/23 deadline! Excited! Scared!


What makes Desperate Dependency so “meaty” and “important?” We have used over 350 Scripture passages documenting how Christ is relevant to every area of life. This comprehensive approach can encourage all to develop a desperately dependent relationship with Christ. (Today’s job was to work on securing permissions, so I counted all the passages!)