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What is DDCommunity Institute?

Desperately Dependent Community and DDCommunity Church have joined to create DDCommunity Institute. What is DDCommunity Institute? DDCommunity Institute is:

The Covid pandemic changed the way DDCommunity ministers. Many new opportunities have evolved since we shifted to a virtual ministry. Through the pandemic years, we have conducted our counseling and consulting via Zoom. We also enjoy gathering online with our DDCommunity Church family each week. Now, we have a new avenue for promoting spiritual maturity through online training with DDCommunity Institute.

DDCommunity Institute is our way to share with God’s people what God has taught us through the years. We are seeking to follow Paul’s admonition to Timothy.

You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.

2 Timothy 2:2 NLT

Biblical Church Counselor Training

One of the primary reasons for creating DDCommunity Institute is to train Biblical Church Counselors. The goal of this training is to develop people who counsel within the church, under the authority of the church, solely from a Christ-centered, faith-based perspective. This training focuses on developing Christian leaders who have

  • a Christ-centered perspective of life’s problems.
  • a Christ-centered understanding of the solution to life’s problems.
  • a Christ-centered discernment of applying biblical truth to becoming complete in Christ.

We believe that one of the church’s greatest needs is to train Biblical Church Counselors to help each of us find Christ relevant to every area of life.

  • The church is the best place to help God’s people.
  • The church is the best plan to present God’s solutions for the sin-sick soul.
  • The church has the best people to steward the message of God.

True biblical counseling needs to be done within the church by the people of the church as we all live out the One Anothers of Scripture. We do not try to train academically on the theories of counseling. Instead, we seek to mentor spiritually gifted people to serve as Biblical Church Counselors.

Grow in Spiritual Maturity

But, we are certain that believers want to grow in spiritual maturity even if they don’t feel called to serve as a Biblical Church Counselors. Therefore, we have also created classes using Desperate Dependency, iProcess, and Marriages that Minister as the curriculum. And, of course, we will add more in the future. You can even access our free course about the One Anothers of Scripture, How Should We Relate to One Another in the Church?


Our DDCommunity Church body participated in these courses to help us evaluate the process. Here are some of the things they had to say. You can also watch video testimonials of Desperate Dependency and conversations about Marriages that Minister.

Theresa’s Testimonial

Originally, my thoughts about iProcess had me wanting to reverse the order of this curriculum with Desperate Dependency which we did first! I have come to realize, now that we have finished this 8 week study, that iProcess is the result of living desperately dependent on Christ! For me personally, Desperate Dependency introduced the idea of finding my identity in Christ which should affect every area of my life propelling me to seek Him first in EVERY situation in my life!

The iProcess took me deeper with such a beautiful and foundational explanation of what identity is in the first chapter of the curriculum. I really felt as if the Lord had a hold of my hand and after saying to me, I made you for Me, you are mine, when you connect your heart to mine intimately, this is what your life is going to look like!

Each chapter seemed to bring a fresh encounter with the Lord and an understanding of the truth of who He is personally to me through the thought provoking insight journal questions. I also came to realize through the iProcess that no part of this process can be manufactured. When you find your identity in Christ allowing Him to define who you are, the natural response is intimacy. As I have intimately connected with who He is to me and who I am with Him living through me, I have wanted to shout from the rooftop what He has done in my life and the peace and joy that He has brought me!

A huge takeaway for me with the iProcess is that we are incapable of being independent. If we are not dependent on God, we will be dependent on something. It’s only God who has the ability to be independent. It dawned on me through this study that I must understand who I am in relation to who God is. To come to terms with the truth that He is the only One who can assign my worth and value will require of me a humble spirit and a surrendered heart!

Christ is my reconciliation. I am a friend of God. Therefore (day 4.6 iProcess), my eyes have been opened to the truth of who God is and through Christ, I can share God’s truth with others. Sharing God’s truth by my actions and my words in any situation that He places me in is my industry part of the iProcess!! Although some of my life situations are not what I would choose, “when I focus on God with a correct view of Him, I see myself as He sees me, which then determines my reason for living” (Lewis).

– Theresa

Kevin’s Takeaway

I believe the potential practical applications to the Christian walk found within the iProcess are nearly limitless. I believe this to be true because I see within the iProcess a practical exegesis of how faith and works come together in the way that is pleasing to God. A living faith is essential to the Christian life for without a living faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6), and faith without works is dead (Jam. 2:26). This means that the Biblical truths expounded on through the iProcess are deep, rich, and filled with inherent power sufficient to experience the fullness of life in Christ as we walk in faith evidenced by works pleasing to God.

Because of this depth and richness, the best way to glean all that God has for you in this study is to participate in the 302 Class Cohort. The Class Cohort discussion and processing, expounds upon the weekly readings by means of the various spiritual gifts represented, which lends itself to a fuller understanding than could ever be experienced by studying the material individually. If you want to gain more wisdom and spiritual understanding relating to a living faith evidenced by works pleasing to God, then get the iProcess book and take the 202 iProcess Class. If you want to experience the power of Christ living and working through his Body, the Church, to produce his likeness within you during your study, then the 302 Class Cohort is a must!!

– Kevin

What does DDCommunity Institute offer?

For starters, DDCommunity Institute is the best place to buy our eBooks: Desperate Dependency, iProcess, and Marriages that Minister. To add to your understanding of each of these resources, we have created videos to help you process through each chapter. These videos are found in the 200-level courses. If you would like to be mentored through each of these topics, the 300-level Cohort Classes are a great option. We offer LIVE Cohort Classes as well as Recorded Cohort Classes. And Counselor Cohorts are available through our 400-level courses.

Bundles are the Best!

Bundles are the best way to get the most out of DDCommunity Institute courses. We have specially designed these bundles to build upon each other for optimal spiritual maturity. Click the “Enroll” button to learn more about each bundle.

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DDCommunity Institute provides teaching, discipleship, mentorship, and Biblical Church Counselor training to help you grow in spiritual maturity. We would be honored to have you join us at DDCommunity Institute!

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