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The DDCommunity Story

DDCommunity: Kirk and Melanie Lewis
Kirk & Melanie Lewis

Introducing the Founders of Desperately Dependent Community

The DDCommunity story began many years ago. From the Sandhills of rural North Carolina and the mountains of New York State, Kirk Lewis and Melanie came to the hills of Tennessee to prepare for Christian service at Tennessee Temple University. At the annual missions conferences, they connected to various mission agencies to determine how they could be utilized in supporting missionary families. The standard answer echoed, “Get some experience and then come back and see us.”

Throughout childhood, Melanie witnessed hurting ministry families cared for through the gifted hospitality of her parents. Kirk’s childhood provided continuous testimony of people professing Christianity with little evidence of a set-apart life. Ministry families suffered in silence around them. As a result, Kirk and Melanie’s desire has been to help people find Christ relevant to every area of life, whether in the pulpit or the pew.

Even in the inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital where Kirk was employed, he noted Christians and ministry families were struggling to live effective lives with sustained ministries. In private practice, Kirk and Melanie initiated support groups for ministers and their wives and provided individual counseling for ministry workers and family members. The devastation of the clergy has been astounding.

Years of Proven Ministry

On a quest to fortify the body of Christ, Kirk and Melanie moved their counseling practice to a church-based setting. They ultimately founded Desperately Dependent Community as a non-profit ministry. As an Ordained Minister, Kirk facilitates open dialog with ministers and prospective Christian workers regarding the unique challenges of a faith-based career. As an Ordained Biblical Church Counselor, Melanie addresses the needs of weary women by rebuilding confidence, providing encouragement, and outlining directional guidance.

For decades, Kirk and Melanie Lewis have ministered as a team, challenging people to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. As counselors, they are committed to using Biblical principles to facilitate healing and liberate weary souls from emotional bondage. Their counsel is founded upon the belief that Jesus Christ is the center of well-being and that the Bible is the authority. Through the consistent application of Biblical truths, they have fostered a community of compassionate caregivers who strive to point others to find Christ relevant to every area of life.

The Foundations of the Ministry

Kirk and Melanie co-authored Desperate Dependency: Finding Christ Relevant to Every Area of Life. Their life message incorporated in this work serves as a counseling curriculum and spiritual growth model when teaching and training Christian leaders. The mentoring and discipleship process has facilitated growth in countless people, many of whom now make up DDCommunity Church. While cultivating this community, those who have been ministered mature into compassionate caregivers who, in turn, minister to others. The reciprocating cycle integrates continuous testimony of changed lives that motivate and encourage the community. Individuals who have “been there” support those who flounder even in leadership positions.

Their book Marriages that Minister: A Portrait of Christ and His Bride develops the framework for finding Christ relevant to marriage. In addition, iProcess develops the Biblical foundations of Christian maturity based on identity in Christ, intimacy with Christ, and industry for Christ. Additionally, 10 Steps to Spiritual Maturity serve as a foundational structure for the process of spiritual growth within DDCommunity. These Biblical truths are expounded to produce authentic Christian living on a practical level.

Let Us Help You

Desperately Dependent Community exists to engage and encourage Christian leaders to find Christ relevant to every area of life. It’s a genuine struggle in this sinful world, even for those in Christian leadership positions. Culture seduces us to seek solutions to ease our pain. But still, we end up feeling that something is missing. The passion of DDCommunity is to promote Christ as the solution to every issue.

Churches dealing with ministerial failure, congregational conflicts, leadership discord, and crisis have received assistance and direction through consultations and crisis intervention provided by Desperately Dependent Community. Families and individuals suffering from the fallout have obtained support and guidance to prevent life-long devastating victimization. All are challenged to find Christ relevant to every area of their lives.

We would be honored to help you find Christ relevant to every area of life. Let us know how we might assist you.

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