Finding Christ Relevant to Every Area of Life

Desperate Dependency 2016 Seminar Series

DDC: Kirk Lewis at Bear Valley Church

Desperate Dependency 2016 Seminar Series

The message of Desperate Dependency has impacted hundreds of lives. In the 14-week Seminar Series beginning January 8, 2016, 6:30 – 8:30, we will mine the depths of applying Desperate Dependency: Finding Christ Relevant to Every Area of Life personally so that we can teach others to do the same.

  • How is Christ relevant to every area of life?
  • Can He really make a difference with the issues that those you are discipling are facing?
  • How do you apply His truth to their lives?

We will be exploring the Desperate Dependency process in motion.

  • How it can be used in personal growth
  • How it can be used in discipling others
  • How it can be used as a counseling model

Limited seating is available, please register today to reserve your spot in each session of this Desperate Dependency Seminar Series.

January 8: Preparing for the study

January 15: Chapter 1 What’s Missing?

January 22: Chapter 2 Am I the Problem?

January 29: Chapter 3 My Way Isn’t Working

February 5: Chapter 4 All About Me

February 12: Chapter 5 My Portrait of God

February 19: Chapter 6 The Truth about God

February 26: Chapter 7 What Is God’s Job in My Life?

March 4: Chapter 8 My Way or His Will?

March 11: Chapter 9 Resigning the God Job

March 18: Chapter 10 What Is My Job?

March 25: Chapter 11 Living in the Truth

April 1: Chapter 12 Choosing to be Desperately Dependent

April 8: Chapter 13 A Job for Job

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