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Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 4

DDCommunity: Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 4

Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 4 – Daleth
Psalm 119:25–32

Welcome to another segment of the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency! If you would like to start at the beginning of this series using the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency and Psalm 119, click here. You can also find a listing of all the previous posts in this series at the bottom of this post.


We pick up with Psalm 119:25–32 for the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 4. As you read the psalmist’s words, consider you natural tendencies in the situations he describes. For example, when you lie in the dust, is your automatic response to ask God to revive you by His Word? When you weep in sorrow, what is your go to response? Grab some ice cream?


Psalm 119:25–32

Consider the text of the Daleth section of Psalm 119.

25 I lie in the dust;

revive me by your word.

26 I told you my plans, and you answered.

Now teach me your decrees.

27 Help me understand the meaning of your commandments,

and I will meditate on your wonderful deeds.

28 I weep with sorrow;

encourage me by your word.

29 Keep me from lying to myself;

give me the privilege of knowing your instructions.

30 I have chosen to be faithful;

I have determined to live by your regulations.

31 I cling to your laws.

LORD, don’t let me be put to shame!

32 I will pursue your commands,

for you expand my understanding. (NLT)


Could You Have Written Psalm 119:25–32?

Would you respond as the psalmist responded? Are you continuously seeking solutions from God’s Word? Carefully evaluate your honest reactions when life challenges you. Do you really want the Lord to keep you from lying to yourself, or would you just like to remain in your comfort zone thinking you are desperately dependent on God? Mark the statements that currently and consistently (more often than not) describe you.

❏  When I feel like I am lying in the dust, the word of the Lord revives me.

❏  I told the Lord my plans and He answered me. Now I ask the Lord to teach me His plans.

❏  I ask the Lord to help me understand the meaning of His commandments. I meditate on His wonderful deeds.

❏  When I weep with sorrow I ask the Lord to encourage me by His word.

❏  I ask the Lord to keep me from lying to myself because I want the privilege of knowing His instructions.

❏  I am faithful and determined to live by the Lord’s regulations.

❏  I cling to the laws of the Lord. I ask the Lord to not let me be put to shame.

❏  I pursue the commands of the Lord because He expands my understanding.



Perhaps you need to pause right now and admit that you don’t find Christ relevant to every area of your life. Just because the rest of us fall in that same boat, and we do, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to confess falling short of the abundance Christ offers to us! He desires to be the solution to every issue that you face. Will you let Him?


Extra Credit

Are you processing the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency with someone else? If you are really brave and want to know more about yourself, you might consider asking someone close to you to complete the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency with you in mind. Would someone else agree with your evaluation of yourself? God does place people in our lives to assist us in our growth process. So, ask someone in the body of Christ to offer their perspective on your spiritual maturity.


Leave a Comment and let us know your experience with the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 4.

May you grow in desperate dependency!


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(excerpts from Desperate Dependency by J. Kirk & Melanie D. Lewis)


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