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Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 6

DDCommunity: Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 6

Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 6 – Waw
Psalm 119:41–48

Welcome to the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 6! If you would like to start at the beginning of this series using the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency and Psalm 119, click here. You can also find a listing of all the previous posts in this series at the bottom of this post.


The Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 6 considers Psalm 119:41–48. The themes of love and trusting God’s Word when dealing with difficult people, jump to our attention in this section. Difficult people often stifle our responses, but God’s word of truth provides the answers, even when we deal with people in authority.


Psalm 119:41–48

Read the text of the Waw section of Psalm 119.

41 LORD, give me your unfailing love,

the salvation that you promised me.

42 Then I can answer those who taunt me,

for I trust in your word.

43 Do not snatch your word of truth from me,

for your regulations are my only hope.

44 I will keep on obeying your instructions

forever and ever.

45 I will walk in freedom,

for I have devoted myself to your commandments.

46 I will speak to kings about your laws,

and I will not be ashamed.

47 How I delight in your commands!

How I love them!

48 I honor and love your commands.

I meditate on your decrees. (NLT)


Could You Have Written Psalm 119:41–48?

Are your grounded in God’s laws enough that you would not be ashamed when speaking to those in authority? Do you love the Lord’s commands? Commands? Laws? Decrees? Wait. Wait. Wait. No… I really don’t like to be told what to do!


Well, let’s use the standard of Psalm 119:41–48 to evaluate your status of dependency on God. Mark the statements that currently and consistently (more often than not) describe you.


❏  I ask the Lord to give me His unfailing love and the salvation that He promised me.

❏  I trust in the Lord and His word to provide answers in difficult situations.

❏  I am dependent on the Lord’s word of truth. I know His regulations are my only hope.

❏  I will keep on obeying the instructions of the Lord forever and ever.

❏  I will walk in freedom because I have devoted myself to the Lord’s commandments.

❏  I am not ashamed of the laws of the Lord even in the presence of those in authority over me.

❏  I delight and love the commands of the Lord.

❏  I honor and love the commands of the Lord and I meditate on His decrees.



So… Do you need to start making some different choices? Do you see that His regulations are your only hope? Or do you choose the cultural norm of tolerance and allowing people to make their own choices without regard to God’s instructions? Do those in authority intimidate you so that your confidence wanes when standing for the laws of the Lord?


There certainly is a lot to consider in these eight verses, don’t you think? Definitely reveals room for growth!


Extra Credit

If you chose someone else to assist you while evaluating your desperate dependency, they may offer deeper insight on your demonstration of delight, love, and honor for God’s commands. Are you brave enough to ask? Would someone else agree with your evaluation of yourself? God does place people in our lives to assist us in our growth process. So, ask someone in the body of Christ to offer their perspective on your spiritual maturity.


Leave a Comment and let us know your experience with the Evaluation of Desperate Dependency 6.


May you grow in desperate dependency!


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(excerpts from Desperate Dependency by J. Kirk & Melanie D. Lewis)


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