Finding Christ Relevant to Every Area of Life


DDC Training
Consulting for Your Church

With decades of experience in Christian leadership, the ministry team of Desperately Dependent Community is highly qualified to help you tackle the issues in your church or Christian ministry.

TRAINING is implemented through:

Leadership development and lay counselor training

as we train Christian workers to be effective in leading people to find Christ relevant to every area of life.

Guidance and direction

is offered to reproduce competent, impactful ministries through

  • individual mentoring
  • group mentoring
  • consultations with ministers
  • consultations with organizations

Focused retreats

identify specific needs, target pertinent information, and promote a progression toward spiritual maturity.


provide extensive training with practical application exercises.

Ministry Partnerships

are available so that churches and organizations have the advantage of expert advice readily available through Staff Development Intensives and continuous consultations.

Christian leaders may mature through our process of teaching, tending, and training to teach, tend, and train others.

If you would like help with your church, staff, or organization, please contact us.

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