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What??? Christian leaders need counseling????

Christian leaders suffer silently. Where do the helpers go when they need help? Whether joy or crisis, Christian leaders are the first to receive a call requesting spiritual support. But who does a Christian leader call when they need support?

DESPERATELY DEPENDENT COMMUNITY dedicates time tending to Christian leaders and their families as they discern how Christ is relevant to promoting effective and sustained ministries.

COUNSELING with Christian leaders, ministry families, and workers is provided

  • individually
  • in groups
  • on a corporate level

Over and over again we point people towards Christ. One pastor’s wife shared her journey with this prayerful journal entry.

I feel very emotional, like I’m on the edge of bursting into tears but I’m not sure why. I think I’m grieving. Grieving the loss of what I wanted. Grieving the loss of a man with so much biblical knowledge but so little heart for Christ. Grieving the man I wanted him to be. My heart truly feels broken. Like shattered. I think I’m finally letting myself feel the hurt. I’m not covering it up anymore with anger or bitterness or unforgiveness. Lord, heal my heart. Put it back together the way You want it.

Sometimes things need to be broken down before they can be put back together. There are parts of me past the anger and the bitterness and the unforgiveness that still need to be removed. Help me not to hold onto them, Lord. Replace my hurt and brokenness with your healing. All You have to do is speak it, Lord, and it’s done. Let me just touch the hem of Your robe and I will be healed and complete.

Lord, You’re the perfect man. The man I’ve been searching for my whole life to love me, complete me, cherish me, and pursue me. No earthly man could ever do what You’ve already done for me. Thank you that You never give up. Please bring a new creation back to me, Lord. Your heart is restoration and forgiveness. Thy will be done. 

Anonymous former pastor’s wife

Her heart resembles so many hurting Christian leaders’ wives!

If you are a Christian leader (anyone who is in a position to lead another toward spiritual maturity) and need help, please contact us and let us know how we can help.

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