Desperate Dependency Conference

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What difference is there in your life because you say you are a Christian?
Have you realized that you cannot successfully live independently from Jesus?
Have you discovered His divine enablement that produces personal empowerment?
Christ wants to be relevant to every area of your life. Will you let Him?

Authors Kirk and Melanie Lewis note that even Christians often fail to recognize God’s plan to complete their lives. Our heavenly Father has designed us for a relationship that is desperately dependent on Jesus. Only when we embrace this relationship will we find satisfaction and a way to fill the void in our hearts.

Desperate Dependency identifies the deceptions we believe and points our searching souls to Christ, the only One who is relevant and sufficient to deal with the intricacies of life’s problems and pain. As we submit to His purpose of transforming us into the image of Christ, we will experience His promised fruit including love, joy, and peace.

Sometimes people can assimilate information better when it is up close and personal, so we have created a variety of conference structures designed to convey the concepts included inĀ Desperate Dependency. Let’s talk about what will work best for your audience.

We operate as individuals who are desperately dependent on Jesus Christ; therefore, we do not have a set fee schedule. We offer our gifts on a love offering basis and a request that our travel expenses be covered. We also ask that we be allowed to sell our books to compliment the material presented.

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