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DDCommunity: Col. 2:7 with tree

DesignVerses: Reminders of God’s Design for Life.

DesignVerses are graphically designed Scripture verses offered in a variety of digital formats so you can personalize God’s Word and make it relevant to every area of your life. DesignVerses serve as reminders of God’s truth that can be applied to a wide variety of creative endeavors. These relevant Bible passages can be utilized for Scripture education, encouragement, enrichment, memorization, art therapy, conversation starters, card making, creative crafting, mixed media applications, Bible art journaling, scrapbooking, church bulletins, and so much more.

God’s Word, the Bible, provides absolute truth that makes a difference in every area of life. Connecting to His Word is the starting point for establishing a relevant relationship with Him. And because He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), our only hope is to connect to Him and His Word!

As a professional counselor I (Melanie Lewis) enjoy paper crafting as my personal therapy and encourage others to do the same especially to integrate God’s truth into their lives. For many years I have offered educational workshops to help others enjoy creativity with paper crafts and heritage building through scrapbooking and card making. Whether in my counseling office, or creating cards I have always searched for appealing Scripture designs that would help young and old alike connect to God’s Word in a relevant manner.

Convinced of the absolute necessity of keeping Biblical truths ever before us, DDCommunity develops DesignVerses to serve as reminders of God’s design for life. With these designs I can simply print out the .pdf version and hang it on my fridge. I can hand it to a child to color while she tells me about the joys and struggles in her life. I can cut it to the perfect size to insert in my hand-crafted cards. I may choose the .png version to use as an overlay on my vacation pictures. Or I may import the file to my cutting machine to create an iron-on for a t-shirt. I may even take the file to my local print shop to create a massive poster so God’s Word can be larger than life!

DesignVerses is the name of our Etsy shop where you will find encouraging Scripture verses and a wide variety of examples using our DesignVerse files. As a vital part of the DDCommunity Creativity program, the money you invest in buying and sharing DesignVerses supports and encourages ministry families as well.

Jennifer Nichols beautifully, and graciously creates DesignVerses. This is how she tells her story:

Some years ago I came to a fork in the road. A crisis of faith. A defining moment of considering which path to take. I could choose bitterness or I could choose Christ.
I chose the not-always-easy, but wonderfully life-altering, path to Christ. And through this process of finding Christ and getting to know Him, His Word became my life preserver. The thing that kept me afloat when the water turned stormy.
It is for this reason I fell in love with the idea behind DesignVerses. It became a different approach for the Word of God to get into my heart, my soul, my very being. Each of my DesignVerses represent a truth that God has spoken to me at different times in my life.
It is my prayer that God will use DesignVerses for His glory. To impact. To comfort. To encourage. To edify. But most of all, to magnify Christ.

Jennifer Nichols

Because we are certain that you will enjoy using DesignVerses, you may click on the buttons below to download your first DesignVerse for FREE!! Colossians 2:7 conveys the mission of Desperately Dependent Community. And here’s a little insight into Jennifer’s process:

Working with this particular verse was difficult for me from the start. It was longer than my usual verses I had worked with in the past. During my prayer time, I asked God to help me, give me direction, and show me what He wanted it to look like. I find that when I try in my own strength to work on a DesignVerse, I fail miserably at it, leaving me frustrated and wanting to quit. Knowing there was no way I could do this long of a verse on my own, I kept up a running conversation with God as I started it, saying, “God, please just help, just show me!”
As I read over it several times, I found the words “Strong in the Truth” jumping out at me. I had been having a rough few days of intense spiritual warfare, of being told repeatedly by Satan “You aren’t enough. You have no value. No one cares for you. No one loves you.” I knew I was believing the lies of Satan. I desperately needed to hear the truth of who and what God says I am and to stand strong in that truth.
The other word that jumped out at me was “Thankfulness.” I want so much to be filled with Christ that I “overflow with thankfulness.”
God built the second half of this DV around these two thoughts. I want my faith to grow so strong in the truth that I overflow with thankfulness to Christ.
Looking at the first half of the verse, I saw the two parts: “let your roots grow down into him” and “let your lives be built on him.” After several attempts to work with these two sections, God put the thought to me that I should let the words go down (like roots) and also be opposite each other, separated by “and.”
What is so awesome to me is the God-size of the whole process. I was having a “poor me” attitude and being very self-absorbed, choosing to believe lies of the enemy rather than believing the truth, but God…
I love this phrase… but God…
But God came to me, and He showed me mercy and great love, even in the midst of my self-absorbed pity party, when I least deserved it.
Why? Because He loves me that much. Because He is good. Because he is merciful.
Now, at the end of this Colossians 2:7 DV journey, I can truly say from experience that IF I let my roots grown down into Him, and IF I let my life be built in Him, THEN my faith WILL grow STRONG in the TRUTH that I was taught and I WILL overflow with thankfulness.

Jennifer Nichols

Although Jennifer did not intend a tree to be inserted in the DesignVerse, we were pleasantly surprised to see how remarkably God had worked all things together so that the DDCommunity logo fit perfectly in place!! But what will you do with this Colossians 2:7 DesignVerse? We would LOVE to see!! Feel free to post your creations on our Facebook page or send a picture with your email. Or you may want to pin it on Pinterest and then send the pin to our Pinterest page.

May you continuously find Christ relevant to every area of your life!!

Thank you for supporting DDCommunity!

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