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Refuge and From Fear to Freedom

“Refuge” and “From Fear to Freedom”

Refuge and From Fear to Freedom (2 books in 1) Focus on Untold Story of East German Christians Under Soviet Occupation Refuge and From Fear to Freedom Introduced by Redemption Press The untold story of the fate of ordinary Germans in East Germany during and after World War II is highlighted in a new release. Refuge and From Fear to Freedom, a re-release by Redemption Press (October 2019) combines both titles, originally published in 1987 and 1993, into one volume. The first person account by Liane I. Brown shares the struggles of her Christian East Prussian family to survive in the midst of the horrors of WW II, and God’s faithfulness to them. Tell Us More about Refuge and From Fear to Freedom! Thousands of stories have been told about the deprivation and horrors of the Second World War, but there is one aspect that has received little attention: the story […]