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Finding Christ in the Storm Damage

It is said that a tornado is one of the most powerful meteorological forces on the earth. Communities in their entirety have been decimated by the incomprehensible power of tornados’ winds. Most recently, such a force encroached upon our very own city. Lives have been unalterably changed, never to be the same again this side of eternity’s veil. Storm damage, such as experienced in Harrison, Tennessee last week, cannot be completely calculated in dollars and cents or even in tallying the loss of property and possessions. The loss of real estate cannot be compared to how lives have been affected by the collateral influence of a storm-touched life. Damage such as this moves beyond that of the storm and touches us in places that the eye cannot witness, and in many ways that the mind cannot fully comprehend. The soul can be injured in a manner that can never be […]

Christ Is Relevant to Meaninglessness

Warren Wiersbe gives us a perspective on life and living in his discussion on Ecclesiastes taken from the Be Transformed Study Bible. It’s as if Solomon were telling us, “Life is filled with difficulties and perplexities, and there’s much that nobody can understand, let alone control. From the human point of view, it’s all meaningless and folly. But life is God’s gift to us, and he wants us to enjoy it and use it for his glory. So, instead of complaining about what you don’t have, start giving thinks for what you do have—and be satisfied!”   Ecclesiastes contains a message for the faithful believer who wants to serve the Lord and have a fulfilled life in Jesus Christ. Solomon wrote, in effect, “Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend that problems don’t exist. They do! Face life honestly, but look at life from God’s perspective. Human philosophies […]