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Christ Is Relevant to Control Issues

In Desperate Dependency: Finding Christ Relevant to Every Area of Life, chapter 1, we presented this scenario that we discussed from Diane’s perspective last week. This week we will look at it from George’s perspective. Diane felt out of control in her life. When she met George she knew he was the answer to all her problems. He was a very successful businessman with many people in his employment. After twenty years with the same company, he knew exactly how things needed to be done and how to make sure they got done exactly the way they needed to be done. The employees knew George had a solution to every problem and could tell them step by step how to accomplish the necessary task. His excellence in leadership had been awarded frequently. Since George was so accustomed to running things in an orderly fashion at work, he shared his expertise […]

Living in the Truth

(excerpt from Desperate Dependency by J. Kirk & Melanie D. Lewis) From the very beginning of humanity’s fall into sin, we have been in bondage to the lie that we can live independently of God and thrive by depending on our own abilities and resources. This distorted view of reality perverts everything that is true and righteous into a culture of lies. We will not accept anything we do not believe is true, but what we believe is not really true. With our skewed perception of God, our reality views Him as one who is not invested in our best interests and who deprives us of our rightful pleasures. Or we may even believe God is okay with whatever we want to pursue because He ultimately wants us to be happy, right? To be free from the perversion that results in our bondage, we must live in God’s truth. Truth […]