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My Way Isn’t Working

(excerpt from Desperate Dependency by J. Kirk & Melanie D. Lewis) MAMA PAID A friendly visit to her hairstylist, and little Johnny Kirk discovered an inspiring plastic astronaut buried in the sand outside under an oak tree. Knowing the evil desires of my heart, Mama admonished me to not take the astronaut from its space. But from my point of view the astronaut had a mission to complete: he must explore the deep recesses of my pocket. When confronted by my mother, I continued in my innovative solutions and lied to cover my expedition. I saw the astronaut as a satisfaction of my aspiration to escape the gravitational pull of boredom and be a part of the space race. Creativity ignited as I contrived further explanations to cover my transgression, but ultimately the truth was exposed and I had to face the consequences of my ill-fated mission. Once again I […]