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Here you may read stories of Christian leaders who have been impacted by the ministry of Desperately Dependent Community. We would love to hear your story too!

“I so appreciate the ministry that you all share with pastors and leaders. You see the need, as everyone in this field has needs but fear or lack trust in reaching out. What you have created is a gift to so many people….
The creative program adds so much fun to the ‘reaching out’ in such a comfortable way for many. I am so thankful that I had the training under you to develop my creativity so I could broaden my ministry of encouraging and loving on people. So the domino effect continues….
I so appreciate how you have ministered to our family the last several years. It has been encouraging to see how our family members have gradually gone back to their roots of being grounded in God’s Word….
Thank you, Melanie and Kirk, for your ministry and outreach!”


This Community of Christian leaders led me down the path of desperately depending on God in a way I’ve never known before. God changed my life! This ministry changed my life! I am forever grateful!! Grateful that God wanted me to know Him in such a personal way! Grateful that He opened my eyes and my heart! Grateful for the writing of Desperate Dependency and the Word of God, which penetrated every part of my being! I have grown so much, and I continue to find Christ relevant in every area of my life. Desperate Dependency is anointed and if you’re ready to put Christ in His rightful position in your life; get the book, open your Bible, seek out the many offerings of this ministry and you too…can be forever changed! 


I cannot fully express how enriched my Christian life has been by attending Desperately Dependent Community’s Bible studies this fall. It was impressed on me that I WAS CHOSEN BY GOD to be one of His children … and while I intellectually knew that, DDC’s iProcess teaching helped me internalize that as my “identity.” I commend Kirk and Melanie Lewis’s teachings to anyone who wants to strengthen their walk with God.

DDCommunity: Stuart Ellis

I’ve had several friends tell me they wish they could see a miracle like the ones described in the gospels. I shake my head. “You don’t really want to see a miracle. True miracles are messy, their circumstances heart-breaking, their recipients desperate. That is the real truth of the miracles in the gospel, and the miracles today. Take my own miraculous healing for instance.
“I want to talk about my anger with God.”
It was the fuel that had powered my life of high-flying rebellion and sin for almost thirty years. Now, with that life in shambles, it was time to finally let it go. I’d spent several weeks in one of Kirk Lewis’ counseling groups and couldn’t not talk that night. Kirk gave me a nod.
“Why are you angry with God?”
“When I was twelve, I watched my father die outside my bedroom window.” And there it was, my justification for everything. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted because God had destroyed my world and left me to fend for myself. And I was ready to defend that attitude against Kirk’s arguments. The sovereignty of God, the mysterious machinations of God’s hand in our lives that magically turns everything to good, all the things that the adults from our church told a scared twelve year-old that cold December night a week before Christmas. I’d spent a lifetime shaking my fist at the God of those words and I was ready with my defenses.
Kirk stood up and went to his whiteboard. The rest of the group sat quietly. I braced myself and wondered which argument he would throw at me. And then he asked a question out of left field, a question that I didn’t have any pat answer for.
“How would you feel different today if your father hadn’t died?”
It took a few minutes for the answers to start. After thirty minutes the whiteboard had over twenty items. I paused while Kirk studied the feelings I’d named. He drew arrows that connected items until the list was pared down to its roots. Two items were dominant, all the others feeding into them.
Loved and accepted. That is what I was missing. Aching loneliness was what I felt. It was what I had felt since that night in my bedroom, twenty-eight years before. And I was convinced that if my father were still alive, the loneliness would be gone and love would take its place.
Kirk let me think for a few minutes while he thumbed through his Bible. Then he started reading verses. Verses that told me of God’s love for me, His acceptance of me in Christ, His promises that I was never alone. After several verses Kirk closed his Bible and looked at me.
“Everything you want, everything that is listed on that board, God has promised to give you. That means that if your father had to be alive for you to have them, he would still be here. The choice is yours. You can believe what God has said, or you can hang on to your anger.”
When He had said these things, He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay. And He said to him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which is translated, Sent). So he went and washed, and came back seeing. (John 9:6-7 NKJV)
I’ve often pondered the idea of instant healing. The addict who prays and God immediately takes the desire away. I don’t argue the point, but I think there is more involved than just that moment. That night my scales fell away. I saw everything through new eyes. My wife told me later that a different person came home from counseling that night. You could say it happened in an instant. But for me it had taken most of a lifetime.

DDCommunity: Ed & Stephanie Graham

Have you ever questioned God’s plan for your life? I certainly have. In 2013, I was in a near fatal bicycle accident. I immediately sensed that life had changed, and as blood poured onto the ground I felt as if my identity was seeping from my body as well. The facial reconstruction took months, and I didn’t know if I would ever look or feel normal again. The days were a blur of physical pain, and my mind was tormented by questions. Who would I be, if I didn’t look the same? Why did God allow this to happen? Where was He in this pain? I felt as if God was hiding from me, and I spiraled into a deep depression.
Eventually, the questions and depression became too much to bear. Though my body was slowly healing, my spirit was broken. I wondered if God had made a mistake in leaving me here, and I wanted to run away from the physical and mental pain that I was living each day. My husband loved me unconditionally through these dark days. However, he was exhausted physically and emotionally from trying to keep my head above the deep waters we were wading through, while working and caring for our sons. He wondered if God had spared my life in the accident for him to lose me to anxiety, depression and fear.
After one particularly terrible week, my husband begged me to see a Christian counselor with him. We began to see Melanie Lewis with Desperately Dependent Community (DDC). The ministry of DDC helped us see that brokenness is a gift from God, because it teaches us to rely solely on Him. Melanie helped me process the anger and questions that I was wrestling with, and I began to look for God in my circumstances. I realized that God was not hiding from me, He was only waiting for me to see Him. Melanie helped my husband see that he could not be everything for me, because the burden was too heavy. He realized that while he needed to love and serve, ultimately it was God’s job to sustain me. My husband learned that if he relied on God to work through him, then he was not so overwhelmed.
I still suffer from chronic pain from the accident, but the ministry of DDC has taught our family to process this through the truths of God’s Word. We surrender to this being part of God’s plan for us in this season, even while believing that He can physically heal the pain if He chooses to do so. My husband and I both serve in various ministries in our church and community, and it is our desire for God to use our lives as a testament of His faithfulness in all situations. One of the biggest questions I wrestled with during the months after the accident was whether I would ever be normal again. The ministry of DDC helped me see that my version of normal and God’s version of normal were vastly different, but His plan for our family was better than mine. 

DDCommunity: Justin & Tiffany Whited

When I met my husband, I had dreams of a beautiful life serving Jesus together. However, within just a few years my dream became a nightmare. My husband was an addict, and I had married him without knowing it. Suddenly I found myself in a counseling office, heartbroken and at a loss for what to do.
The Lord used the ministry of Desperately Dependent Community (DDC) to help me know where to go from there. I was going to have to believe that I was complete in Christ and that He would be enough, even if this devastating crisis meant the end of my marriage. I was guided on how to be a helpmate in my husband’s life; guiding him to get the help he needed. Kirk also helped me to see that I needed to surrender my husband and marriage to God. I saw that not only was my husband going to have to change, I was going to have to change. I didn’t understand that at first because, after all, wasn’t he the one in deep sin? What I came to learn was that I couldn’t be the wife I needed to be without change in my own life.
Through the process of humility and repentance, God freed my husband from his addictions and restored our marriage. DDC has been a part of this healing process and has helped us to stay grounded in God’s truths for us and our marriage. What makes this ministry so special isn’t just that it’s such a great organization, but that the mission of DDC is about allowing God to direct our steps and fill our voids that we may be effective servants for Him. We are thankful for the way God used this ministry in our lives and know that we would not be where we are today without the influence of DDC.  


A great organization making a difference in the community. They have a vision and passion for directing leaders to Christ by showing them how to be desperately dependent on Him. 



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