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You need to know how Covid-19 has impacted DDC

DDC Covid impact

Have you been curious to know how Covid-19 has impacted DDCommunity? For the rest of our lives we will hear stories about how the Coronavirus has changed lives. And the pandemic definitely affected DDCommunity as well.

DDCommunity is truly a community

Early in March we scrambled to determine the best way to maintain connections with the DDCommunity. DDCommunity engages and encourages Christian leaders to find Christ relevant to every area of life. And we certainly need to find Christ relevant in these unusual times!

Employing Zoom technology we connect with Christian leaders around the globe. It’s been amazing how our reach has expanded! In counseling sessions, church gatherings, Bible studies, consulting meetings, and more we remind each other, “We’re here for you.” From the beginning of a Zoom call to the end vivid changes occur on the faces of our participants. Fresh reminders of how Christ is relevant strengthen us all in the fight. Yay, God for technology that can assist us in promoting relationships!

DDCommunity increased our activity within the pastoral community. Through Pastors’ Roundtable Zoom gatherings we continue relational connections and process relevant issues. All pastors are welcome. If you would like to be invited to the Pastors’ Roundtable Contact Us with your contact information. We’d be glad to have you join us!

Contact Us

Marriages that Minister launch was impacted by Covid-19

March 11-23rd we were scheduled to take the tip of a lifetime to Israel. With suitcases partially packed we received word that the trip was canceled. Stunned, we struggled to recalculate our plans. All of us were putting our lives on hold with uncertain futures ahead of us.

DDCommunity planned for a leadership launch of the newly released Marriages that Minister: A Portrait of Christ and His Bride on April 27th. Do we wait to see if we can still gather the Christian leaders? We decided on door-to-door visitation instead to distribute Marriages that Minister and some tasty desserts from Polly Claire’s. Maybe our guests could find some extra time to read our book while they were recalculating.

But still we grapple with how to successfully launch Marriages that Minister in light of the impact that Covid-19 had on DDCommunity. We can’t invite people to DDCCenter for a special sale of the book. We can’t host a big Gala. But, we had an idea. Keep reading to see what we decided!

Busier than ever evaluating DDCommunity’s online presence

The Covid-19 crisis forced DDCommunity to realize that we need to strengthen our online presence. We’ve known that for a long time but the issue became more pressing. So we committed to a year long training program to teach us how to do that most effectively. One thing leads to another and another and another. Our brains are constantly on the verge of exploding as a result of continually evaluating and re-evaluating our strategies. You may not notice many changes yet but hopefully by the end of one year will be more user friendly.

Realized DDCommunity is more than a building

One of the biggest impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on DDCommunity is that we realized more fully that DDCommunity is not a building but a community. During this time we have had even more opportunities to nurture Christian leadership. Less commute time translates to more relational time. This realization causes us to further re-evaluate our future.

On September 30, 2020 the lease for DDCommunity at 7625 Hamilton Park Drive, Suite 27, Chattanooga, Tennessee expires. At the beginning of 2020 after prayerful evaluation we decided that we needed to look for other options to relocate the physical presence of DDCommunity. We were moving forward with some negotiations but everything came to a screeching halt with the Coronavirus. Matters only worsened when tornadoes devastated the Chattanooga area. Chattanooga is striving to regain its balance. And so we wait to solidify our future plans.

But DDCommunity is more than a building. The challenges are becoming more evident as Christian leaders are re-evaluating their lives, families, and ministries. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the needs. The impact on Christian leaders threatens to hinder the cause of Christ. Maybe we don’t need a physical location for DDCommunity. Maybe we should remove one of the many moving parts that comprise the ministry so we can more fully focus on the relational aspect of the ministry. Please pray with us as we consider our options.

We can use your help as a result of the Covid-19 impact on DDCommunity

Since we are working from home instead of DDCCenter we have had a challenging time receiving our mail. The DDCommunity post office is at the heart of the area devastated by the tornado so it has many unique challenges besides the Coronavirus. Plus other technology issues that we don’t fully understand seem to make it almost impossible for them to forward our mail to our home address. This means that encouraging words and financial donations are being returned to sender. We are especially grateful for the option to receive donations online and for the many donors who have blessed us through this option.


Because the entire world, not just DDCommunity, is impacted by Covid-19 #GivingTuesdayNow launched a new global day of giving and unity that will take place on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. On #GivingTuesdayNow on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 DDCommunity would like to offer a special Marriages that Minister launch gift to all donors.

#GivingTuesdayNow gifts

All these books have been released from DDCommunity within the last year. Yup, we’ve been busy! And we want to share these great resources with you as a thank you for your generosity and support during these unusual times.

There are many other ways to support DDCommunity. Follow the link to find out more ways you can Help Us Help Christian Leaders Help You. We are so very grateful for every way that you support the ministry of DDCommunity.


If you would like to be reminded how Christ is relevant to every area of life, subscribe to our email list. You will be asked to verify your request by jumping through a few hoops, but that is for your safety!

Thank you for supporting DDCommunity!

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