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DDCommunity Biblical Church Counselor Training

DDCommunity: Biblical Church Counselor training

Biblical Church Counselor Training

Desperately Dependent Community and DDCommunity Church have joined to offer Biblical Church Counselor training through DDCommunity Institute. The goal of this training is to develop people who counsel within the church, under the authority of the church, solely from a Christ-centered, faith-based perspective. This training focuses on developing leaders who have

  • a Christ-centered perspective of life’s problems.
  • a Christ-centered understanding of the solution to life’s problems.
  • a Christ-centered discernment of applying biblical truth to becoming complete in Christ.

The DDCommunity Biblical Church Counselor training offers Christ-centered solutions to the human condition. Our counseling process is founded upon the belief that Jesus Christ is the center of wellness and that the Bible is our authority for practice. The training consistently asserts that people may only achieve wellness as they find Christ relevant to their lives. We do not profess or adhere to any secular perspective nor seek to advise anyone in the ways of these secular practices.

DDCommunity Institute Trains Biblical Church Counselors

DDCommunity Institute provides teaching, discipleship, mentorship, and Biblical Church Counselor training to help you grow in spiritual maturity. Within DDCommunity Institute, bundles are the best way to get the most out of the curriculum. We have specially designed these bundles to build upon each other for optimal spiritual maturity. The courses and bundles necessary to complete the Biblical Church Counselor training process include:

  1. Desperate Dependency LIVE Counselor Cohort 401 Bundle
  2. iProcess LIVE Counselor Cohort 402 Bundle
  3. Marriages that Minister LIVE Counselor Cohort 403 Bundle
  4. Introduction to Biblical Church Counseling 404
  5. Issues in Biblical Church Counseling
  6. As a Little Child: A Model of Prayer and Parenting from Proverbs
  7. Biblical Church Counselor Proficiency

The training also includes an option of joining monthly Counselor Cohorts.

Biblical Church Counselor Ordination or Recommendation

DDCommunity Church offers a Biblical Church Counselor ordination for its members who complete the training. However, those who are not members of DDCommunity Church may be RECOMMENDED for ordination as a Biblical Church Counselor to be granted by their primary church.

To be eligible for this special ordination or recommendation, a person must be trained and demonstrate a working knowledge of the Desperately Dependent Counseling model. A candidate for Biblical Church Counselor will complete a minimum of two years of interaction with DDCommunity.

  1. The candidate will grow to demonstrate an understanding of the biblical function of the church, Desperate Dependency, Marriages that Minister, iProcess, and other foundational concepts of biblical counseling and DDCommunity. Much of the training will be completed through DDCommunity Institute certificate-eligible courses.
  2. Upon demonstrating spiritual maturity and biblical counseling skills, the candidate shall lead a biblical counseling group for at least one year, supervised by a DDCommunity Church Counselor leadership member. (One year of participation in a DDCommunity group is a pre-requisite to leading the group.)
  3. The Biblical Church Counselor ordination candidate shall present to DDCommunity Church a specialized biblical counseling proficiency in an area approved by the DDCommunity Church Counselor leadership.
  4. Upon the unanimous vote of the DDCommunity Church Board of Elders, the candidate shall be awarded a Biblical Church Counselor ordination or recommended for ordination.

Why train others?

DDCommunity’s Biblical Church Counselor training has been inspired by Paul’s letter to Timothy.

You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.

2 Timothy 2:2 NLT

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