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Please let me thank you for pulling us out of the fog yesterday. I feel like I’ve stepped into a new world. I see myself so differently today. We see ourselves as a couple in ways we hadn’t before. Yesterday was the start of a significant life change, attitude adjustment, and much more. You both elevated our thinking, challenged us to embrace higher perspectives, and enriched us with your keen analysis and strategic observations. You empowered us and gently challenged us to step up and not down. You didn’t allow us to spiral into self-pity but skillfully nudged us into the light. As I reflect this morning, I am smiling at how you both changed our tone and the tone of our present situation with such nuanced skill. What a gift to know you both. You two are a treasure.

A hurting pastor

We have been exploring Desperate Dependency as a weekly study for our adults for several weeks on Wednesday nights. Incredibly well received and attended. Many positive comments on the material. One lady, in particular, has undergone something of a “transformation.” She has been saved and living a Christian pursuit her whole adult life but is constantly fraught with anxiety and worry about just about anything. (Especially other people’s problems…) anyway- I started to notice something a few weeks ago really just about the way that she looked and carried herself as she walked around. She seemed relaxed and engaged with people and laughing and… well, different. She shared with me that this study has been life-changing for her. She did not realize how much she was trapped inside of her own need for control of her life (and the lives of everybody else.) She said, “I’ve been studying my whole life, but never have grown like this. I was a prisoner and didn’t know it.” Bless you, my friends.


This community of Christian leaders led me down the path of desperately depending on God in a way I’ve never known before. God changed my life! This ministry changed my life! I am forever grateful!! Grateful that God wanted me to know Him in such a personal way! Grateful that He opened my eyes and my heart! Grateful for the writing of Desperate Dependency and the Word of God, which penetrated every part of my being! I have grown so much, and I continue to find Christ relevant in every area of my life. Desperate Dependency is anointed, and if you’re ready to put Christ in His rightful position in your life, get the book, open your Bible, seek out the many offerings of this ministry, and you too…can be forever changed! 


“I so appreciate the ministry that you all share with pastors and leaders. You see the need, as everyone in this field has needs but fear or lack trust in reaching out. What you have created is a gift to so many people…
The creative program adds so much fun to reach out in such a comfortable way for many. I am so thankful that I had the training under you to develop my creativity to broaden my ministry of encouraging and loving people. So the domino effect continues…
I so appreciate how you have ministered to our family the last several years. It has been encouraging to see how our family members have gradually gone back to their roots of being grounded in God’s Word…
Thank you, Melanie and Kirk, for your ministry and outreach!”


I cannot fully express how enriched my Christian life has been by attending Desperately Dependent Community’s Bible studies this fall. It was impressed on me that I WAS CHOSEN BY GOD to be one of His children … and while I intellectually knew that, DDC’s iProcess teaching helped me internalize that as my “identity.” I commend Kirk and Melanie Lewis’s teachings to anyone who wants to strengthen their walk with God.


A great organization making a difference in the community. They have a vision and passion for directing leaders to Christ by showing them how to be desperately dependent on Him. 


Seldom have I come across such a well-written, intelligent manuscript on such an important subject. You have produced an awesome case for living one’s life to please and obey God. I could go on and on, but am sending my best wishes for your new publication.

Publishers’ proof reader
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